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29 apr. 2015 - Projects 2015
ISAF SWC HyŤres covered
ISAF SWC HyŤres covered

Photo credit: (c) Thom Touw Photography

This yearís second ISAF Sailing World Cup took place last week in HyŤres, France. The closer the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro get, the higher interests rise for campaigning crews.

Sailing conditions of the annual event were often characterized in the past by high winds and rough seas caused by the 'MistralĒ,  a cold northwesterly wind influencing the regionís climate in Winter and Spring.

Fact that nature doesnít maintain traditions was proven last week. Sailing took place in different, mostly light conditions.

Fierce battles took place for  ISAF Sailing World Cup rankings as well as for nationís selections for a ticket to the Olympic Dream.

Thom Touw Photography covered the event.
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