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20 nov. 2014 - 2014 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image
Dutch leading magazine publishes TTP´s submission
Dutch leading magazine publishes TTP´s submission

Photo credit: @ Thom Touw Photography

Dutch leading nautic magazine 'Zeilen' published the photo Thom Touw Photography submitted to the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image contest in a feature article of it’s latest edition.

In this article, the magazine informs it’s readers about the renowned annual event where about 120 Yachting Photographers worldwide submit their best last season’s image.

Among World’s most renowned Yachting photographers, also best Dutch yachting photographers participate in this contest every year.

Thom Touw Photography is proud that 'Zeilen” chose to publish the special photo that we shot during the 2014 Audi Laser Masters’ World Championship in Hyères, as a recommendation to it’s readers to visit the contest web site.  (and of course, most hopefully, to vote……   Thank you!)    


About 'Zeilen'
Zeilen is a Dutch leading nautic printed magazine with a main focus to sailing, 'Zeilen magazine' can be found online at


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