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3 nov. 2014 - 2014 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image
Best Image submitted
Best Image submitted

Photo credit: (c) Thom Touw

Thom Touw Photography has submitted an image to the 2014 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image contest. The image concerns our favorite shot at the 2014 Audi Laser Mastersí World Championships held off HyŤres, close to the French Cote díAzure, last Summer.

HyŤres is a special venue for Olympic sailors.
The sea in front of HyŤres has been sailed by every Olympic sailor in the last decennia. Everyone remembers HyŤres because of the remarkable conditions of wind and waves. Laser Master sailors returned to HyŤres last Summer to race in conditions like in 'the good old times'.

We hope that many sailors and all those who love photography,  especially sailing and yachting photography, will vote for this image.

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